Erin Margaret

Erin Margaret is an Australian self-taught illustrator and pattern designer. Her hand-drawn unique character artwork is associated with a whimsical genre.

Erin’s characters could also be seen as belonging to the broader category of character art or character design as they portray a sense of creativity, imagination, and joy; making them suitable to be printed on a variety of products such as giclée art prints, drink pitchers, keepsake mugs, children’s bedroom cushions, draw/write story sketchbooks, gift tags, placement prints for organic clothing, and party invitations/decorations.

Thus, resulting in a diverse and visually engaging collection that appeals to a wide audience, perfect for bringing a smile to anyone’s face.

Children’s home decor and stationery goods seen pictured on her website are currently printed via Zazzle a US online marketplace. 




Phone: 0401 807 258

Int’l: +61 401 807 258 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)