"Take a peak at the art I do and see how many appeal to you."

Hi, I'm Erin. 

Hi, I'm Erin.

I'm an Australian digital artist with an Aussie accent.  

I've been illustrating characters since 2020. 

EMS001 - Cat Sipping Fish Through a Straw

Above: EMS001

Above: EMS012GC

Erin M Singh near a rose bush

Learning how to transform character illustrations I've designed into repeat pattern designs sparked my curiosity. 

So in 2021, I took Bonnie Christine's Immersion Surface Pattern Design course and fell in love with surface pattern design.

Above: EMS012CC

I am also a nature lover, crystal lover and senior cat co-owner.

A short haired senior cat grooming herself

Above: EMS009

Above: EMS019CC

Please email me at erin@erinmargaret.co if you'd like a private viewing of my illustration and pattern design library.