Hi I'm Erin Margaret. I am a Tesla fan, childrens' character artist, and surface pattern designer. One of my missions in my lifetime is to make it more affordable for people to drive around in Tesla all-electric cars.

In my venture, I'd like to donate a percentage of the money I earn from my artwork to make this possible.

12 Things You May Not Know About Me

1. My mother Elizabeth chose Erin for my first name because she loved watching the American television sitcom "Happy Days" and chose the name Erin after the actress Erin Moran.  My middle name Margaret was my late grandmother's middle name whom I never met because she passed away in 1971; six years before I was born.

2. I am a dog lover.  However, in 2009 I adopted a kitten with my mother Elizabeth because we were unable to afford a pure-bred poodle at that time.  I named her Bella but should have named her Princess Bella because of her regal nature.     

3. I am an introverted person and work virtually from home. To step out of my comfort zone I've started speaking on Zoom and sharing my recordings via social media. 

4. I've been illustrating characters since 2020 but I am also a generalist.  In other words, I can create abstract art which is what you'll see in some of my digital backdrops.  

5. I've a love for nature and crystals.

6. I need to keep to a strict gluten-free diet. I am also not able to eat/drink caffeinated food, including chocolate.

7. I'm a multi-ethnic woman. My father is Punjabi and was born in India.  My mother was born in Australia. Her ancestors came from Ireland, England and Denmark.  I can only speak British English. 

8. In my 20's I once lived in Southern California for five years, so I have an understanding of North American English. 

9. I'm a spiritualist but I am not a member of any religion.  I respect people from all cultural backgrounds as long as they are kind to others.

10. Now I am in my mid 40's.  I've no children of my own but I love to create childrens' character art. 

11. I took Bonnie Christine's Immersion Surface Pattern Design course in 2021.  I learned how to transform character illustrations I'd designed into repeat patterns, and I love it.

12.  I have Professional Liability Insurance and Public & Products Liability Insurance through FTA Insurance.   I'm currently insured as an author, writer, editor, and illustrator (art and surface pattern design); as well as writing classes, workshops, and speaking. 

Interested in licensing (renting) or purchasing my character art and surface pattern designs?  

Please email: erin@erinmargaret.co or text +61 401 807 258