1. Do you create any type of art and written content?

First and foremost, I have an interest in digitally creating children's characters and botanical elements. Depending what type of art or written content you require, I'll let you know if it is a project I am interested in participating in. 

2. Do you sell your digital artwork outright?

Should I be asked to transfer all copyright of my artwork to another art collector, I would need to be offered an incredibly large sum for me to give up all rights to my digital artwork. One digital artwork could potentially make $250,000 USD or more over the span of an artist life by licensing their artwork instead of selling it only for a few hundred to a few thousand dollars to a company.  

3. You sell your digital downloads for personal use.  Does this mean I can use them how I wish?

Digital downloads sold for personal use only. In other words, they may not be used to gain profit.  They may not be sub-let nor edited in any shape of form to be sold as an entirely new product. However, you can print them for personal projects only and show your creations via your personal social media account as long as you give me credit as the artist. 

4. Do you license your designs to any brand owner?

No. I am interested in collaborating with brand owners who:

  1. Care about the future of our environment.
  2. Look after their members/staff and work with suppliers who are like-minded. 
  3. Do not use child labor.
  4. Do not use harmful substances in the manufacturing of their products. 

5. Why do you work with Copyright Agency?

Copyright Agency help their members negotiate fair licensing agreements for artwork and written works already produced by members as well as issue invoices on behalf of members. This saves Copyright Agency members a lot of time from chasing royalty payments when they could be focusing on another side of their business. Furthermore 1.5% of all Copyright Agency membership licensing fees goes directly to their Cultural Fund to support Australian writers and visual artists through writing and visual arts grants. So it's a win-win situation for all parties involved and it feels good to give back.

6. Your last name is Singh. Do you speak Punjabi?

No. I was brought up mostly by my English speaking mother so I can only speak and write in British English but I understand some American English having lived there for 5 years in the early 2000's.

7. Do you offer refunds on digital downloads?

When you download a digital file, I'm not able to retrieve those files your computer should you change your mind or decide my illustrations are not suitable for your needs. Please read my digital product descriptions carefully and ask questions first before you place orders because I am not able to offer refunds. 

8. How do I contact you?

Please email me at erin@erinmargaret.co