1. What type of designs do you create?

I am a generalist. I like to create repeat pattern designs for textiles, children's characters to be included in repeating pattern designs for textiles, bedding, home decor and placement prints, but I also love to come up with new design ideas for other surfaces not related to children's character art.  

Email me to let me know what type of artwork you require.  Should you not receive a response from me within 72 hours; it's a project I am not able to help you with. 

2. What tools do you use to create your artwork? 

Digitally: iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and Infinity Laptop.  Procreate App, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Ilustrator.

On paper: Karst recycled stone paper, Karst graphite pencil and Pigma archival ink pens and brushes. 

2. Do you sell your digital artwork outright?

Should I be asked to transfer all copyright of my artwork to company, business, art agency or art collector, I would need to be offered an incredibly large sum of money for me to give up all rights of my unique digital design ideas.

Because I am a Tesla fan and I've a mission in my lifetime and that is to contribute a percentage of the earnings, I make from licensing my artwork, towards reducing the cost of leasing or purchasing Tesla vehicles. 

3. Why don't you list your prices for your designs and services?

There are many factors to consider before quoting design fees and pricing artwork. I base this decision on how many products the designs will be printed onto; where the products will be distributed, the retail price for each unit, the duration of the licensing term et cetera.  As an example: a local business with a smaller customer base who isn't making $1 million a year et cetera in sales revenue wouldn't be charged the same design fees as a Fortune 500 company and a global distribution.

3. Do you sell your digital downloads for personal use?

Being a sustainability advocate my preference is to license my artwork to businesses who are in line with my values because I have no control over what materials a person will print my digital designs onto for personal use. 

4. Do you license your designs to any business?

No. I am interested in collaborating with businesses and companies who:

  1. Care about the future of our environment.
  2. Do not use child labour.
  3. Do not use harmful substances in the manufacturing of their products. 

5. Why do you work with Copyright Agency?

Copyright Agency help their members negotiate fair licensing agreements for artwork and written works already produced by members as well as issue invoices on behalf of members. This saves Copyright Agency members a lot of time from chasing royalty payments when they could be focusing on another side of their business.

Furthermore 1.5% of all Copyright Agency membership licensing fees goes directly to their Cultural Fund to support Australian writers and visual artists through writing and visual arts grants. So, it's a win-win situation for all parties involved and it feels good to give back.

6. Your last name is Singh. Do you speak Punjabi?

No. I was brought up mostly by my English-speaking mother so I can only speak and write in British English, but I understand some American English having lived there for 5 years in the early 2000's.

7. How do I contact you to talk about licensing your designs and character artwork?

I work virtually.  You can schedule a Zoom call with me here. Should those times not suite your schedule, email me at erin@erinmargaret.co or text me at 0401 807 258 or +61 401 807 258 and I will do my best to accommodate you.