• Proofing & EDITing

  • surface pattern design

  • character illustration

Do you need a proof-reader and editor?

E-newsletters, blogs, ads (marketing campaigns) and video blogs all need to be checked before they are published.

So if you're strapped for time, allow me to be your second pair of eyes.

Email: erin@erinmargaret.co 

Before contacting me please read below:

1. Pricing varies per scope of project.

2. I avoid freelancing for casinos, cigarette/tobacco makers and porn brands. I won't freelance for magazines who target one race because it's not solving our racism issue. I also avoid freelancing for beauty business owners who test their ingredients on our furry friends.

A hand drawn half drop repeat pattern of red flowers, blue butterflies and rose quartz crystals




A seamless half-drop repeat pattern of two hand-drawn ocean multi-color fish facing each other on a light beige. They are surrounded by starfish, green stars and orange coral. Design ID ems008 Copyright Erin Margaret Singh


A half drop repeat pattern design of three singing snails in a garden