Gift Policy

This document sets out the policy of Erin Margaret Singh trading as ERIN MARGARET ABN 12 418 604 731 (we, us or our) in relation to gifts and benefits. It applies to Erin Singh, our employees, contractors and any immediate family members or close associates where a gift or benefit is received which can be reasonably attributed to us or our business.

Purpose and Context

Offering or accepting gifts and benefits is a widely accepted practice to build good business relationships. Gifts may be offered by any third party, including suppliers, partners or clients. However, it is important that gifts and benefits never unduly influence business decision making or cause others to perceive an undue influence.


A gift or benefit is any item or service freely offered to us in the course of our business. Gifts and benefits may include (but are not limited to) gift cards, gift baskets, meals (or other hospitality), sponsored travel, free or discounted travel or accommodation, plants or flowers, discounts or other preferential treatment, promotional materials and any other gifts or benefits freely offered by a third party including where it is offered outside normal business hours.


In general:

  • gifts and benefits will only be accepted if they are occasional and of modest value;
  • we will always exercise great care when accepting gifts and benefits to protect both our reputation and the reputation of the third party and to ensure all gifting is done in accordance with the law; and
  • we will not solicit any gifts or benefits from any third parties with whom we conduct business.

We will not accept gifts that are or include:

  • loans, cash or personal cheques;
  • any gifts or benefits that may be perceived as a bribe;
  • any gifts, favours or any type of benefits offered only in return for, or in exchange for, business services or information (as such action may create an actual or perceived conflict of interest);
  • any gifts or benefits that are of an inappropriate nature or at inappropriate venues; and
  • any gifts that are of a high monetary value (to be determined at our sole discretion) to avoid the appearance of improper or unethical behaviour or breaching any laws.

Record Keeping

Any gifts or benefits that are offered to us will be recorded together with the name of the recipient and the date it was offered.


We may, at any time and at our discretion, vary this Gift Policy by amending it on our website which can be found at Check back to find the current Gift Policy.

For any questions or notices, please contact us at:

ERIN MARGARET ABN 12 418 604 731


Last update: 21 November 2022.